Iya Villania-Arellano on motherhood

Iya Villania-Arellano on motherhood

 By Jessica Pag-iwayan

After announcing their pregnancy, the blessings of celebrity couple Iya Villania and Drew Arellano are continuously pouring in. Recently, Iya and Baby Primo have been launched as the newest brand ambassadors of Bambini baby cologne where we had the opportunity to talk about her daily motherhood journey with her first-born.

Primo’s milestones

At the age of a year and a half, Primo is well-aware about his parent’s whereabouts that it amused the couple. According to the host, when Primo sees that she is already putting on her shoes, he will get his own pair from the shoe cabinet.

“Isusuot ko lang yung kneepad ko to get ready for the gym, alam na niya na ok aalis na ‘tong si mommy. He will get his shoes, kunwari aalis din siya. Tapos minsan kukuha rin siya ng bag tapos magba-bye siya sakin, may balak pa siyang iwanan ako,” Iya shared.

It also seems like that, this cute little boy won’t go hungry even when he’s alone. Iya said that Primo already knows how to get to the fridge to look for fruits and for his milk and get into the pantry to look for his snacks such as cookies.

“Minsan sa sobrang gutom niya pagka-upo niya he already closed his hands to pray agad,” she said. “Ang dali-dali lang niyang pakainin kasi hindi siya nabubusog sa nutripops. Kami na nga yung nagsasabi na bawas-bawasan nila, kasi kung hindi tuloy-tuloy lang siyang kakain.”

Baby Primo playing in the ballpit

When asked if Primo is a picky eater. She said that the only time it would be hard to feed him is when the food is dry.

“When he sees me eating at the table, he’ll come to me, sit on my lap then makikikain siya sa akin. So, I also have to make sure that this something that I would eat, because if it’s on my plate he’s gonna want to eat also.”

Division of parenting duties

When it comes to disciplining Primo, Iya admitted that she’s the one who usually handles it because Drew is their “baby’s playmate.”

“I am obviously the bad cop, kapag kailangan nang pagalitan si Primo, talagang si Drew na ang nasasabing: ‘Love, pagalitan mo na,’” Iya said.

Despite that, Iya explained that Drew knows the other duties such as giving Primo medicine and taking out the mucous.

A busy working and pregnant mom, Iya is still hands-on when it comes to looking after her family. “Even though we have Yaya, I’d come to appreciate not being to rely on something like that much because it feels like more fulfilling as a mom,” she ended.