Nicole Hyala, on raising an only child

Nicole Hyala, on raising an only child

By Jessica Pag-iwayan

Nicole Hyala, also known as Emmylou Gaite-Tinana, is a mainstay in the Philippine radio industry, and there is a reason why. Her laughter is contagious and her witty remarks trigger morning musings to kick start a great day. She adds brand ambassador to her plate as the latest one for Nestokid milk. We got to spend the afternoon with her as she shared her journey on raising her daughter, Princess.

NESTOKID Brand Team with Nicole Hyala

On motherhood

Just like most of single ladies, Hyla admitted that her idea of motherhood was “corny,” posting almost every hour about their child. But soon after she gave birth, she realized what the fuss was all about and proudly shares that she’s one of those moms she just described.

Ang motherhood ay isang nakaka-lerkey pero very fulfilling na experience. Totoo pala yun mga nababasa mong quotations. Before I became a mother, corning-corny ako sa mga nanay. Eh nung naging nanay ako, mas malala pala ako,” Hyala said. “Akala ko in love na ko sa asawa ko, pero na-realized ko na I have so much more love to give when Princess came.”

On living a balanced life

Despite her tight schedule, she explained that she makes time for her daughter and for her family. “Medyo mahirap po talaga yung roles that I have to play. But I make sure that I maintain that life-work balance. I make sure that Princess always realizes that even her mommy always always talks on radio, always talks and talks on microphone [yun yung description niya sakin eh], but always always have time for her,” Hyala said.

She also shared that for her, definition of happiness is family time, either through simply staying at home, watching movies, or traveling. “Family time is always the best. Sa bahay we play. But we travel a lot. Lahat po ng ipon namin ay napunta sa pagrampa. Kasi siguro nung bata kami hindi kami masyadong naka-pag-travel and we want Princess to learn more,” she explained.

On instilling values

The host confessed that she tends to spoil her only child, she makes sure that Princess learns values in life such as the importance of spending quality time with the family and the virtue of sharing. “Family time is sacred. Ibig sabihin all gadget is gone. Pwedeng may isang mommy shot lang… na mapopost sa Instagram, ok na. Then after that, we put away our phones,” Hyala shared. “So bukod dun, of course, the virtue of sharing. Kasi nga mag-isa medyo spoiler. Kapag nagbi-birthday yun ang daming nagbibigay ng regalo. Hindi naman niya kayang laruin mag-isa yun. So we teach her to share.”

Hyala wants the very best for daughter, raising her as a joyful kid. “I like her to be a happy child. I like her to always realised that our presence as parents is always there and it’s always felt.”