Three reasons to implement no junk food family diet

Three reasons to implement no junk food family diet

By Jessica Pag-iwayan

Studies all over the world have proven that eating junk food causes different kinds of sickness such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. To combat this, the Quezon City Government recently implemented the “Anti Junk Food and Sugary Drink” ordinance, banning these types of food and drinks inside and within the 100-meter perimeter in public and private schools. Here are the three reasons to lessen junk food and sugar intake:  

Dr. Ronaldo R. Quintana, SSA Technical Officer for NCD and Road Safety at WHO; Hon. Irene Belmonte, initiative author and Quezon City Councilor; Dr. Ariel Valencia, DOH Regional Director for National Capital Region; Helena Flora from the Schools Division Office of DepEd; Dr. Verdades Linga, Quezon City Health Officer III; Ramya Kancharla, Vital Strategies Project Officer for Partnership for Healthy Cities and Aldrin C. Cuña, City Administrator of Quezon City

  • Sickness

According to World Health Organization (WHO), junk food intake causes Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) like cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, and dental caries. NCDs is also considered as the “deadliest in the world that kills 40 million people annually”, targeting “low-income countries such as the Philippines.”

  • Learning deficiency

Based on the study conducted by University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), they found out that diets that are “high in trans fats and saturated fats affects cognition.” While a research from Brown University shows that too much sweets and fatty acids increase the insulin level in our body.  With a higher level of insulin, it affects our ability to think and recall that increases the risk of having dementia.

  • Obesity problems

Boston Public Health Commission says that drinking a large amount of sugary beverages increase the risk of gaining weight. In fact, a child’s risk of becoming obese increases by about 60 percent “with each additional sugary beverage consumed daily.” They also found that just by drinking 20-ounce of sweetened drinks everyday may lead to gaining 25 more pounds per year.