Three ways to make your kids love healthy food

Three ways to make your kids love healthy food

By Jessica Pag-iwayan

In today’s stress-filled world, the lot of people are struggling with different diseases caused by unhealthy lifestyles such as diabetes, hypertension, and cancer. That’s why preparing a healthy and delicious meal for the whole family is one of the dilemmas of mothers every day. Much more, teaching kids to love and embrace nutritious food while there’s a lot of frozen, commercialized variety available out there.

We sat down with Baron Method Center’s Eizza Lim De Baron, a mother of two, where she shared her tried-and-tested tips on teaching kids to embrace healthy, organic food.

Home cooked school baon

According to her, at first, she also hesitated in applying Baron Method concept, afraid that her kids might be mocked because their food is different from the others.

In school, baon ng mga bata different from the others. For lunch, baon talaga. Cooked from the house, for the-snack, fruits, every now and then, we get them organic cookies but not as a staple. We let them to eat real food more than the packaged food,” De Baron said.

Pancit Palabok

But because of the good outcome it brought to them, even other parents are asking her how she raised her son loving healthy, organic food.

My five-year-old, when he’s in school, his classmate is asking him if their food is ok to eat. If it’s healthy or not. If there’s party at school, he would ask his teacher to call me kung pwede  niyang kainin yung pagkain. He knows na,” Eizza said.

Find time to prepare the food

She also admitted that as a working mom, it was a challenged for her to maintain it. But she found ways to make it easier, eventually.

If you’re a working mom and you barely have any help. Which I have gone through na rin before, what I did is I take one day of the weekend to prepare everything. Na naka-pack na siya, nakamarinade na siya,” she said.

Grass-fed beef ribs

Don’t deprived your kids

But what if the kids feel deprived especially when they saw their friends eating sweets and other inorganic food?

Eizza said that they don’t make them feel deprived by allowing them to “try whatever food their classmate has, just from different sources.” If it’s chocolate, they give them dark one, if it’s ice cream, they make sure that the milk is from grass-fed cow.

“We let them explore the food, but kinabukasan nararamdaman na niya like he doesn’t feels good, or his stomach is squeasy,” she explained. “They love dark chocolate, as in yung mapait na. We give them that as a treat and only during day time para hindi sila mahirapan matulog. It’s reward more than anything.”

The good effects

With all of these efforts, they already see the good results. She said that her 5 year-old and 2-year-old kids are never been hospitalised and never took any type of antibiotics since they were born.

That’s the effect kasi when you start off eating healthy. Also, I noticed my kids have more energy and they concentrate better in school,” ends Eizza.


About the Baron Method

Created by nutritionist and athlete Harvie Baron, it is a food program developed to teach people how to procure proper ingredients by reading labels, how to choose the right meat and vegetables, and how to prepare food through kitchen strategies and recipes. Each food plan is carefully designed based on individual’s need.

The Method is a six-month long program that includes personalised eating plan based on individual’s current state of health, goal, and daily schedule. Located in EDSA Shangri-la Hotel Garden 1, the Baron Method Center offers food education program where people can learn how and what to look for when they’re at the grocery stores, reading labels, 28 recipes, a one-week sample meal calendar, worst ingredients in food, and a pantry-staple swap list.