Beauty that cares for the family

Beauty that cares for the family

By Jessica Pag-iwayan and Allyza Quirante

Summer Protection

As the kids go out to play and enjoy the vitamin sea this summer, it’s also a great time for us moms to kick back, enjoy the view, and soak up the sun while the kids build their sand castles at tour favorite beach. Celeteque’s Sun Care Matte Moisturizer with SPF 30 is a light, mild sunscreen that prevents our skin from aging and wrinkles, leaving us with a nice tan and a grease-free finish. They also have a Face and Body Defense Spray, which is a lightweight sunscreen that makes application hassle-free, perfect for the family.


Vitamins in makeup 

Managing our busy schedules and taking care of the kids can be a handful, which is why we rarely have time to pamper ourselves and maintain a skincare routine. It’s a good thing cosmetic brands are working towards incorporating natural ingredients to enhance their products in a socially responsible way. Palladio Beauty Group aims to craft cruelty-free makeup staples through their range of products, which are infused with vitamins and botanicals that keep the skin healthy. The ingredients they incorporate include chamomile, ginseng, green tea, and other antioxidants that can rejuvenate the skin as we put on makeup. Best of all, it comes at a reasonable price point that doesn’t break the bank.



Soothing aloe vera

Kids can easily get carried away when they’re out swimming and enjoying playtime under the sun, and for moms, it’s a challenge treating those nasty sunburns. Aloe vera is one of nature’s multipurpose gems with notable benefits, like keeping the skin hydrated and treating skin inflammation that becomes increasingly essential this summer. This is why Bench Organics decided to incorporate aloe vera to their new line of products, like the 94% Aloe soothing gel that is great to use on sunburns and inflammation. They also have the SPF50 PA+++ Aloe Cool Sunblock and the 92% Aloe Face & Body Mist fit for the whole family.


Cartoon show that builds self-esteem 

Raising our children in the age of technology, our role as parents becomes increasingly challenging, especially since they are constantly inclined to watch television shows and videos wherever they go. International beauty company Dove, under their Self-Esteem Project, announced their partnership with Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe to educate young viewers about the importance of body confidence, inclusivity, and empowerment, through the cartoon. Director Rebecca Sugar co-created six short animated films with body image expert Dr. Phillippa Diedrichs of the Centre for Appearance Research at the University of West England to further emphasize each person’s uniqueness and true diversity.

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