Quick Dates

Quick Dates

By Allyza Quirante

With parenting duties lined up daily, we must always remember to make time for dates with our spouse to relax and recharge as parents. Though we hardly have time to travel and get away from it all, these short trips to restaurants are fun ways to discover new things together again. Here are some new establishments for you to try when the kids are all tucked-in or busy with their summer activities. You deserve it!

Noodle your way

Craving for an interesting, umami-filled meal? Located in Bonifacio Global City, Tsuta’s Michelin-star take on a beloved Japanese staple, ramen, is a good way to share the warmth of a hearty meal with our partner. Master Chef Yuki Onishi’s Shoyu Soba uses a special soy base, which is authentically sourced from Japan, giving their three broth soup a full-bodied yet delicate flavor. It’s topped off with black truffle sauce and a tender char siu slice. Chef Yuki is currently offering their exclusive Philippine Original Series this summer, starting with their Filipino cuisine-inspired ramen called the Sang La Tan Tan Soba, which is a sour take on the spicy Tantanmen. He will also be releasing his own take on the Japanese gyoza, karaage, and a green tea pudding dessert throughout the month of April. For more information, click here.

Coffee or tea?

Conversations are best accompanied by a cup of coffee, which is great for a quick date night. Starbucks recently introduced two new drinks for summer, including pastries, savory snacks, and other coffee products. Break away from your usual day-to-day activities with their new Midnight Mocha Frappuccino, a blend of velvety java chip and whipped cream, sprinkled with black cocoa powder for that decadent and mildly bitter contrast. For matcha lovers, they also released the Tea-ramisu Frappuccino, which is a twist to the Italian dessert Tiramisu. Enjoy the creamy taste of their whipped mascarpone cheese paired with earthy green tea, topped off with a crunchy green tea cookie crumble. Their summer products will be available until June 4 at Starbucks stores nationwide.

Spice it up

For couples looking for a quick cheat day, treat yourself to some comfort food with McDonald’s. They recently released the Spicy Chicken McDo, adding a fiery kick to their golden brown fried chicken. The flavorful mix of spices, which including garlic, pepper, and capsicum, reminiscent of Indian cuisine that is suitable for more mature palates. Their new offering is best paired with Dalandan McFreeze, their crispy fries, and for dessert, maybe a nice hot fudge sundae. You know what they say: Eat now, burn later!

Milk tea and ice cream

Make your date night even sweeter with hubby by whipping up your own drink, fitting for couples who have a sweet tooth. In celebration of their 10th anniversary, Serenitea teamed up with Carmen’s Best ice cream to come up with two of their bestselling flavors: Hokkaido and Okinawa. Both available in all Serenitea outlets. Watch out for their “Make Your Own Milk Tea” promo (for more details, follow them on Instagram @iloveserenitea), where you can customize your own drink by adding a cold, creamy twist to your choice of either Black Tea, Green Tea or Earl Grey.

Mulberry Door

Here’s a good way to chill and reconnect while the kids are busy with their extra-curricular activities. Mulberry Door in Bonifacio Global City now offers buy-one-take-one on selected cocktail drinks from 4:00-7:00 PM. Must-tries include strawberry daiquiri, Moscow mule, screwdriver, orange & rosemary gin & tonic, and vodka martini. Mixologist Chef Kalel Demetrio of Liquido Maestro is also the brains behind their signature cocktails, like the Little Dragon, which is a quirky mix of green peppercorns, martini, and jasmine green tea liqueur. Cheers!