Regine Velasquez on her motherhood journey

Regine Velasquez on her motherhood journey

By Jessica Pag-iwayan

One of the most respected names in the Philippine entertainment scene, song siren with platinum albums and box-office hit movies, Regine Velasquez is now a happy doting young mom to her list. In an interview during the Jollibee press conference where she and her son Nate were launched as the newest endorsers, she shared her motherhood journey with us.

According to Regine, when she gave birth to Nate, she really dedicated four years to make sure she will be there for him every single day.

“I was really focused on him, ‘pag natulog nandun ako, pagka-gising nandun ako. As a matter of fact, dahil lagi akong nandun na-document ko lahat. I think that’s the best part kasi you don’t miss out anything, the first word that he said, the first walk, lahat ng milestone,” she said. “I really devoted the four years na yun to be with him because I know I’m not gonna be able to bring that back.”

Traditional bonding moment 

Despite the advent of technologies today, Regine and Nate’s favourite bonding moment remain traditional. On weekends, the whole family goes on a picnic which Nates really enjoy. Unlike other kids, Nate also loves playing with amenities available on their home, turn it into the house like the usual Filipino game ‘bahay-bahayan.’

“He would ask me to build him a house out of balikbayan box. And apparently I’m very good at it. Or out of blanket kailangan magawan ko siya ng bubong,” she shared.

But this doesn’t mean that he’s not playing any gadgets. When school out, like Friday afternoons and weekends he’s allowed to play on his iPad. Having both talented musician parents, it’s no wonder that Nate also loves to sing. In fact, during the time he’s not allowed to play with his gadgets, he still uses it just to listen to music and to sing.


Parenting style 

On discipline method, Regine admitted that she’s the disciplinarian, something that she never thought she would be when she became a mom.

“Apparently I’m strict. I never knew. I thought I would be a relax kind of mom. I’m like my mom, I’m actually masungit. Kasi kapag may napansin ako, namamalo ako, pinapagalitan ko. Kasi nandun siya sa age na 6 years-old na siya so hindi pa niya alam medyo nagiging naughty na siya,” she said.

She also said that she wants to instill in him the importance of family and building close family ties. “Dream ko ‘to na magkaron kami ni Nate ng Jollibee commercial. It’s such a big honour, kasi ang values ng Jollibee is family, how to bond with your family, being with family. I like that, syempre gusto ko yun sa anak ko na kalakihan niya ‘yung how we are, ‘yung being so close with the family,” Regine ended.