Three reasons to catch tomorrow’s drum show

Three reasons to catch tomorrow’s drum show

By Jessica Pag-iwayan

Internationally acclaimed Japanese stage show ‘Drum Tao’ is back on the Philippine stage after their first visit last 2012, and here are three reasons why it should be your set family date tomorrow:

  • Experience the power of Japanese Drum

Drums are widely known as musical instruments, but for different cultures, it also plays different roles. It is used during festivals, war and on religious rites. ‘Drum Tao’ will bring your whole family into a new dimension as you discover the importance of these instruments for the Japanese culture. Actors show their traditional martial arts moves and showcase their extraordinary drum playing skills.

  • Superb performance

The theme of this year’s show is based on the tradition and culture of the traditional Japanese warrior – widely known as Samurai. ‘Drum Tao – Samurai Drum Rock’ offers a spectacular performance that will take your family into an exciting journey of unveiling their customs. The minimalist stage design suits the lifestyle and beliefs of the people from the Land of the Rising Sun, while the cast’s costumes created by fashion designer Junko Koshino made their synchronised movements so perfect!

  • New routines

If you’re worried that kids might get bored with traditional moves, worry no more because the show comes in full-package. ‘Drum Tao’ prepares new set every year to offer to their viewers. In fact, their unique performance left us breathless for several times throughout the show. The second half surprised us as they incorporated technologies with their traditional moves. They also made us laughed hard with their cute, funny stunts and gave us sore hands because we couldn’t stop applauding with their breathtaking moves.

This live stage show is fitting for the whole family. It is educational, fun and offers something new for everyone. Make sure to catch their last act tomorrow at exactly 4:30 pm at Kia Theater. For more information call 911 5555.