A celebration of motherhood with Cristalle Belo-Pitt

A celebration of motherhood with Cristalle Belo-Pitt

By Fatima G. Parel

Cristalle Belo and her Australian husband Justin Pitt will welcome their adorable baby in just a few months. And as they are counting the days until the birth of their son, Manila Bulletin’s Moms & Babies presented an intimate and lighthearted baby shower for the mom-to-be. Her friends all gathered at the grand Manila Hotel for a night of playful fun with baby-inspired games, and a sumptuous dinner to end the night.

Cristalle showed her playful and fun side by singing with her friends, joining the amusing games — with prizes provided by Baby Company — unwrapping gifts from friends, and making sure that everyone had a great time.

“I feel like I’m Wonder Woman and I still want to continue with my daily activities, like shooting our TV show, doing outdoor stuff because I feel strong!” shares Cristalle.

A simple birth plan can be a lifesaver for everyone involved 

As they are counting the days, the glowing Cristalle is relying more and more on her husband who will be in charge during the birth. “I’m doing the water birth and he has to set the mood,” she shares. And here is what the couple have in mind for Cristalle to have a smooth birthing experience:

1. Create a birth plan. One that indicates a couple’s birthing preferences.
2. Prepare copies of the birth plan to be shared with the hospital staff, family, and close friends so that everyone will be on the same page.
3. Plan a playlist to soothe the nerves.
4. Be flexible with the plans and adjust to the needs of the moment.
5. Make sure that there’s a skin-to-skin contact with the baby in the first two hours after his birth.

Now 32 weeks along in her pregnancy, Cristalle is getting ready for her expected due date, which is July 15. Cristalle reveals that her husband, as well as her mom Vicki Belo, have been joining forces to get her to rest more. While she admits that she can be hard-headed at times, this expectant mom knows when to finally listen since she’s been waiting for a long time to have a baby.

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