Fashion filled summer for kids and teens

Fashion filled summer for kids and teens

By Allyza Quirante

Cool outfits to beat the heat

Shangri-La Plaza presented trendy getups for the summer with its Sun Up to Showdown fashion show in the first week of May. Spruce up your children’s wardrobe with pastels and comfortable chambrays that are fit for the season. For girls, there are also rompers and dresses that come in colorful prints and florals. Ciara Sotto’s son Crixus graced the runway, sporting a comfortable outfit for tots who love to play.

What’s hot 

Mentor Mafae Yunon-Belasco with the Mark Lico, Director of the James MacKay Foundation

The fashion show is the culmination of Mafae Management Consultancy (MMC)’s summer modeling workshop. Its graduates took to the runway to showcase ensembles by Nardie Pressa and Audrey’s Dresslab, which fits various occasions.

Modeling mentors, family, and friends came to show their support not only for the kids as well as the cause it supports. More than half of the proceeds of the event will go to The Philippine School for the Blind, which will help the institution create livelihood training programs.

Guest mentor and Colombian beauty queen Michelle Gomez says, “I think the most important thing is that I try to empower them to never give up. I kept talking to them, so that they can really understand how this world is and what they really have to do to be successful in fashion or in the pageant industry.”

Tips on Modeling and Its Benefits from Mafae Belasco

Mafae Belasco, beauty queen and founder of MMC, shares three tips for aspiring models who want to be successful.

1. Do your research

“One of our keywords that I love is knowledge. If you want to pursue something, do your research,” she shares. From learning the success stories of your favorite models to watching the creative process of your favorite designers, there is always an opportunity to learn something new.

2. Take time to introduce yourself

Even if you don’t know the people you cross paths with, take the initiative to say hello and introduce yourself politely. “Sincerely ask them how they are. Here in the Philippines, and I think all over the world, the first meeting is where people judge you already. If you initiate something good, then you’ll get something even better in return,” she advises. 

3. Challenge yourself

Lastly, she emphasizes, “The only person you challenge each and every day is yourself—the person you see in the mirror.” Continue to motivate and empower yourself, because it will help you achieve your passion.

On how it benefits kids

The modeling mentor shares that beyond gaining new knowledge on the world of fashion, workshops help build character and appreciate feedback and constructive criticism. “Modeling is a cut-throat career. This workshop is not just for modeling per se, but it’s also how to be a role model each and every day. What I teach my students is that your life is a runway itself.”