For the love of Cristalle!

For the love of Cristalle!

Cristalle’s friends know her best and that’s why Moms & Babies asked her pals Audrey Tanco-Uy, Eileen Juan, and Riana Marpuri to come up with game ideas for the baby shower. The three ladies ended up arranging the whole program for the games. And needless to say, the games turned out hilarious and silly at times but the guests didn’t mind since it was all for fun, and of course, for Cristalle.

Here are several tips from Audrey on how she came up with ideas for the baby shower games:

  1. Choose the craziest people in the group to be the game masters. Infectious laughter and a spirited energy can engage a crowd.
  2. Know your guests. Are they the type who are quite rowdy and would enjoy energetic physical games? Or would they prefer more intellectual table games? We chose to have four games that were a mix of both physical games and table games that catered to both men and women.
  3. Use the Internet. We looked for our games in websites like Pinterest and also searched in Google. Be flexible with the ideas so that you can still tweak, or add creative spins to the games.
  4. End the game segment with a tearjerker. Choose sentimental activities that would make the new parents ponder thought-provoking questions about parenthood. Involve the guests to show them that they are not alone in this journey. For the last game, dad-to-be Justin shared how excited he is to teach his son the things he learned as a teenager. His statement gave us an idea of what he’ll be like as a father.
  5. Relax and enjoy. Flow with the audience, engage and have fun with them!

(Photos from The Picture Company.)