Styling tips for your next baby shower

Styling tips for your next baby shower

Christine Villarama-Locsin and her sister-in-law Patricia Cheung of Feliz Dish and Details, who took care of Cristalle’s baby shower, say that they love working on events like these. “Baby showers are all about the excitement of the upcoming birth, and celebrating that with loved ones. It’s also a way for them to help you prepare for parenthood,” Villarama-Locsin says. “When I had my own Baby Shower, I learned some tips during the games. I was able to apply them.” They share some more reminders below:

Start with the 
Talk to the parents first if they have any ideas on how they want their baby shower to look like.

Know your inspirations
Some parents have a hard time choosing or thinking of the theme they like. We show them inspirations so they can pinpoint, which colors and theme they prefer.

Have a mood board on hand
We present a moodboard and color Pantone when we style. That’s so we can follow and stick to the theme and make everything look cohesive.

Know your measurements
It is important to measure the space so we can decorate them appropriately. Placing decors vertically, horizontally, and of different heights will make it more appealing.

Play around with materials
It’s important to use different textiles and materials. Just put in key decors to go with the theme.

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