School Supplies Picks

School Supplies Picks

Fellow moms share their top finds

Before we buy a product for our children, we always want to seek the advice of moms just like us. This is why we asked moms to recommend their favorite bookstore finds to help out other moms who are still completing their children’s checklists. 

Janice Villanueva, Founder of Mommy Mundo and mother of three, shared that her daughter chose a handy binder notebook to keep all her notes together. You can easily refill the notebooks with loose leaf paper, which is eco-friendly. 

Michelle Aventajado from Momma N’ Manila, shares that her haul staple has to be the adhesive book covers. The book covers are pre-cut to wrap standard-sized textbooks and notebooks. 


Bernadette Siazon, a working mother, makes sure to stock up on colorful multipurpose paper for crafting projects with her daughter. Having materials on-hand helps us save time for 

Kaye Figuracion made sure to get her daughter a pre-packed hygiene kit, including alcohol, a small face towel, soap, and other grooming essentials.