For your Mommy-and-Me #OOTDs

For your Mommy-and-Me #OOTDs

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Mom-of-three, Sheila Villanueva, has been in the corporate industry for half of her life. She had a challenging but rewarding job but was looking for something she can be truly passionate about. “In August 2016, I started my happy project selling a few tops I’ve sourced locally. I did some flat lays, just like the ones I see on Pinterest and IG, and sent the photos via Viber to my close family and friends. I sold everything in two days!”

This was the start of Everyday Casuals, her first business venture which she was doing on the side. Turning out to be a really good source of income, she and her husband came to a decision to focus on the brand and become a full-time “mompreneur: “I have come to realize that this move is one of the best decisions I’ve made as a mom as I am now living my dream and spending more time with my family.”

Georgia Schulze-Del Rosario and daughters in blouses with pretty bows

It has been a little over a year since Sheila decided to focus on her brand. “I’m still adjusting to my new schedule, but loving every minute of it! The day revolves mostly around the kids, doing mommy duties and small home improvement projects here and there, some time to work on the online shop. Plus, date nights with the hubby, of course!”

Her eldest daughter, nine-year-old Julia, has been helping her. “Whenever I have new designs, I’d show her first and she’d give her go signal. Three months ago, she brought up the idea of Everyday Casuals Kids collection. It was her brainchild that became a reality when we launched it online last June 15. It’s getting good reception now and showing a lot of potentials, especially since twinning is such a big trend now. She’s very much involved and the project has really bonded me and my daughter. We have dreams of making it big. I hope it teaches her values of hard work and determination.”

Twinning Style Tips:

    1. Dress from the heart. Go for comfort and style. Build your basics and pair these with interesting pieces.
    2. For our basic tops, jeans, pumps, sneakers – We have a habit of buying 2 (or 3) of the exact same style if we can see ourselves wearing it for years to come. For my daughter, we buy the next size.
    3. When twinning, sometimes the clothes don’t have to be exactly the same. It’s fun to just color-coordinate, too! Even the whole family can join.

Business Pointers:

    1. Start something that you love. It will get you excited to start your day, every day!
    2. Nobody said it’s going to be easy. You have to be relentless and resilient. Expect hits and misses, and learn from them.
    3. Be true to your brand promise. For Everyday Casuals, it’s pretty, effortless, everyday casual tops that are easy on the pocket.
    4. Since it’s an online biz, you always have to be reachable. Quality service is important. Buyers’ expectations are high, so make it a point to respond to each and every inquiry fast. Don’t keep the buyers waiting.