New Baby Picks

New Baby Picks

From maintaining good hygiene to incorporating holistic playtime, there are different products that can help us cater to our babies needs with ease.

Gentle bath time

We always want to make sure that we give our children the best, even when it comes to bath time. Babyflo’s Soap-Free Bath is made with mild and gentle ingredients, suitable for keeping the skin smooth and healthy. The formula is dubbed “soap-free” because it’s free from paraben and strong alkaline materials that might irritate sensitive skin. For babies with dry skin, Babyflo’s Oatmeal Bath is a good way lock in moisture and soothe itching at the same time. For more information visit

Documenting baby’s firsts

We love capturing special moments with our baby and sharing it with others. This is why Pat and Tero wants to help parents celebrate little milestones in a creative way with their Breakthrough Cards. The cards highlight the growth of newborns until they turn a year old, making it a great baby shower gift for expectant moms. The Philippine-made boxed set includes 12 cards to commemorate baby’s monthly “birthdays,” 20 breakthrough cards of unique experiences to expect, and a back-to-back summary, packed in a sturdy keepsake box. For orders and inquiries, you can send them a Viber message at (0945) 188 0791 visit

Playtime turned digital

With the advent of technology, our parenting style is different from the moms and dads before us. It’s a challenge, especially when it comes to limiting our kids’ exposure to gadgets. Pai Technology bridges the gap between screen time and real play by connecting toys to apps. By using augmented reality, kids can read 3D storybooks, solve 3D puzzles, and understand how a circuit conductor works. The app also provides short lessons to incorporate learning into play. To learn more about Pai Technology and the available programs, visit


Organic care products

Since babies have skin that is prone to allergies, Buds Baby Organics’ line of soothing organic products is proven to heal delicate skin from head to toe. Their Flaky Scalp Cleansing lotion is a cradle cap treatment, which is a temporary substitute for shampoo when the scalp is dry. For babies who often suffer diaper rashes, they also have a Nappy Time Soothing Cream with ingredients like jojoba, sunflower, olive and Inca Inchi oils. Find out more about the products that they offer by visiting