Bringing work, play, and family together

Bringing work, play, and family together

By Em Matias-Sulit

My ideal office space has always been a place that my family and friends with little kids would be excited to go to. My husband TJ and I are hands-on parents who run our own creative and boutique agency business together. When we saw an opportunity to create a 60-square meter office from scratch, it became a non-negotiable for us to accommodate kids in the design.

Game Changer centers on entrepreneurs like us, bringing business solutions to both big and small brands. We dream up one-of-a-kind events, run a creative studio and digital agency, and more. Our business evolves as our clients do. A lot goes on in our office, and we needed a space that is functional, lean, and aesthetically appealing. But more importantly, we wanted to provide a space for our kids to immerse themselves in what we do, too.

Just for kids

As a mompreneur, I feel that providing a space within our office for children is like sowing seeds for their young, entrepreneurial minds. It’s important for us to have our kids witness the company grow so they have ownership of it, too. What counts as “play” for them today could set the tone for an enterprising mindset, something we hope becomes second nature to them in the future.

To keep our office kid-inclusive, we created a special nook for them. It is important to keep the pieces minimal and child-friendly, which means no pointed or sharp corners so they are safe to explore and roam around unsupervised. Accessories like a doodle board, kid-sized furniture, and toy storage keep them occupied while we’re at work too.

Office Solutions

We also wanted to keep the office light and airy, something we were able to achieve through our murals and other office details. This was done by School of Styling PH’s Indy Ycasiano, who also owns She Dreams In Ink. We thought it would be fun to depict a cheetah, which represents quick thinking and quick action. This is something even the kids can relate to. In a country known to be laid-back and relaxed, we want to be quick thinkers and doers.

It’s important for us to make the place feel like a breath of fresh air. We want something that would transport people to a relaxing place while at work. My own personal apothecary and soap-making space are now housed in the office, giving me a chance to tinker with my passions while still taking care of business. We also filled the space with plants to encourage a more serene atmosphere.


For moms who are looking for inspiration for their own kid-friendly office, I can’t say enough about the benefits of Pinterest and Instagram. Working with a small budget is a reality for many entrepreneurs, and our research enabled me and Indy to come up with a design that’s flexible, kid-friendly, and comfortable while giving us value for money.

To all parents out there, be brave to incorporate kids’ space in your workplace. One less thing to worry about to see your kids are safe while you work.

Game Changer

Here's how Game Changer can turn your office place into a child friendly nook.

Posted by MB Moms & Babies on Friday, July 27, 2018