Easy tips to make your child eat

Easy tips to make your child eat

By Kristelle Bechayda

Motherhood brings its own fair share of difficulties and sometimes there are just some tricks we wish we have right up our sleeves, like making our children eat vegetables or whatever it is being served on the table. TV host Nina Corpuz-Rodriguez has mastered that skill and shared with us some tips at the Lily’s Peanut Butter event last week:

Eat or starve

My pedia said whatever is served on your table, that’s what you make do. Both of my daughters generally like eating what we put on the table kasi I’m not like “Mom, I like pizza today or go get pizza or fried chicken.” I never do that and they actually don’t ask for it. So whatever is there on the table, that’s what you’re supposed to eat. If you don’t like it, I’m sorry, you’ll starve. So ang ending, they’ll eat it. At first, parang you’ll feel guilty but don’t be. It’s one way of telling them they can’t just ask for you to buy anything anytime, di ba?

Keep reintroducing

One thing I learned, even if they don’t like it at first, don’t give up. Keep reintroducing it to them until they finally get the taste of it. Ako before, I did not like naman monggo eh and then eventually, andun lang siya palagi. They still kept on serving it and I had no choice but to taste it. I finally acquired the taste and then realized I love it pala. Emily is the one who is more picky but I tell her all the time “You have to taste first. Try it first before saying no.” She just can’t say no to me right away. I make her try it first para she will decide on her own whether she likes it or not.

Make them appreciate the meal

We should also appreciate what the cook or yaya makes, or else I would tell them “You’ll hurt their feelings.” My daughter knows that. Kunyari, she really doesn’t like it, she hesitates for a moment because she’s already sensitive to the other person who made the food, that she might hurt their feelings. Sometimes they really try it to make the other person happy.

Take them grocery shopping

I make my kids join me when I do grocery shopping so they’d have a say on what we make in the house to also get them involved. I guess that’s one of the tips I can give the parents. Bring your kids with you when you do grocery shopping, so that they don’t get surprised with what you serve. You tell them what you’ll make. They’ll be excited and happy to go grocery shopping for what you eat.