Pretty bows for your little girls

Pretty bows for your little girls

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng

“I have always loved styling and fixing them up. One of the things that I invested in were a lot of hair ties, headbands, and hair accessories when they were babies. So Kendra and Scarlet grew up liking bows and having a collection of hair ties. Eventually, they would buy for themselves. One day, Kendra just asked me, ‘You know, Mama, I want to have my own business,’ And she said she wanted to be a designer,” reveals Cheska Garcia-Kramer.

Having heard those words from her eldest daughter, Cheska is set to make this dream come true. Ever since her two daughters were born, they would always be seen wearing ribbons as their hair accents. She suggested to her two girls, Clair Kendra (9) and Scarlett Louvelle (6), to start a business on something that they know well. This resulted to their own label, K&S Bows.


Barely a month since it officially launched, the hair accessory label already has 17,000 followers, is doing well. Cheska proudly shares that their bows are all handmade. “The embellishments are also hand sewn. They are all locally made, but the materials are all from abroad. So it’s brought here by plane, so we had to wait a while.” And with price points that range from P150 to P460, these pretty bows are easy on the pocket. “We try to make it affordable because we want every girl to wear a bow,” she shares.

Each of the 29-piece collection goes through intensive testing. “We require five prototypes. One is left to the person that is making it. The second one that is making it as a copy, and then another one is with us for filing. We have two more so we can see if it’s durable.” Their range covers small to big bows. “We want all the girls to have these, that’s why we started K & S bows.” Follow @kendraandscarlettbows for more details.

Organizing tips from Cheska

“Kendra and Scarlet have accessories from the time they were babies, so I use plastic containers. I make sure that the bows are properly stored so they don’t lose its shape. This is what I like about Kendra & Scarlet bows. We try not to pile them up too much, because I don’t want ribbons and the arch of the bows to flatten. I always have a clear plastic container, so all the bows stay together. The small bows are in another container, and another one are for hair ties. I put them in Ziploc plastic bags. That way, it’s easier for me to see kasi it’s all clear.”