Securing the family’s future through insurance

Securing the family’s future through insurance

By Angela Casco

For parents with their kids living in a world full of uncertainties, insurance is easily one of the few reliable and safe options we can turn to. Life insurance is especially beneficial for kids because they would have financial protection no matter what life may bring. It’s another way of helping them jumpstart a financial game plan. In fact, an annual poll from the US life insurance industry states that 4 out of 10 millennials believe they wouldn’t qualify for life insurance anyway, so they end up not having one at all.

Moms can also think of it as an effective way of protecting their “insurability” or their chance to buy more life insurance later regardless of their current health conditions. “Young or old, it doesn’t really matter,” AXA Philippines President and CEO Rahul Hora says when asked whether there should be any restrictions. “Age is not a problem.”

Hora tells us he would definitely put up an investment-linked insurance plan for his children to help them develop a habit of wise money-spending and decision-making. “The earlier you start, the better it is because there are a lot of opportunities ahead for them,” he explains.

Enter plans like the Asset Master, the company’s latest offer for moms who want to make sure that their kids live a happy and secure life. Combining investment and insurance in one, the Asset Master is a total wealth management solution that protects, invests, and creates money without the fuss of looking for opportunities in the global market and dealing with extreme market drops. Carefully-chosen fund managers across the globe do the job for you.

Here’s a piece of advice, though: parents should be insured first before they start taking out insurance policies for their children. After all, securing yourself means protecting the whole family.

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