Sherilyn Reyes’ letter to 7-year-old Eia

Sherilyn Reyes’ letter to 7-year-old Eia

To my dearest baby love Eia,

I already had a name for you long before you were conceived. It was like I was waiting for you from the time I first heard and fell in love with your name. I already knew you were coming into my life even before your Kuyas came.

I never thought of how much happiness and joy a daughter like you could bring to our family. Every single moment we share belongs in our treasure chest. You have given me so much more purpose when I thought there is nothing else for me to fulfill. I was already so happy with my life with Dad and Kuyas, I never knew what I was missing until you came.

I love how you care for the people you love. I love how compassionate you are, especially to the homeless and every baby you see in the street that you want to adopt. I pray you soon understand that Dad and I could no longer give you the baby sister you wish for, but I promise to be the mom, playmate, bestfriend, dance buddy, sous chef that you want and need me to be. I will always find happiness and contentment just taking care of you every single day. We all treasure every bonding time you have with each one of us.  

You are 7! Time flies. I thank God everyday for our family. I thank God everyday for you. You amaze me, I can write a book about it. I learn so much from you every day. You make me want to be better in everything, you make me want to do more. I have discovered so much more about myself because of you. I will never get tired of our Mommy-and-baby time, Mother-and-Daughter day. All I want is to make more beautiful memories with you and take advantage of the time that you ever want is to be with us. You have so much love for this family. Thank you for completing us. Thank you for every moment that you make so special, heartwarming and fun.  

Do not ever fear losing us. I may not tell you, but that is my greatest fear, too. Mom and Dad will get old and like what you said, time will come we won’t physically hear you and you won’t feel us. But, Baby, we will always be in your heart and you in ours. We pray that we live long enough to see you and your Kuyas succeed, both in your respective careers and family lives.  

Happy 7th Birthday, my Eia!

Love, Mom