4 ideas for indoor fun with your kids

4 ideas for indoor fun with your kids

By Kristelle Bechayda

With the heavy rains keeping everyone indoors, kids would likely gravitate toward their screens to battle boredom. But there’s more to life than their gadgets. Here are four ideas to get your creative juices flowing and kick start your children’s imagination:

Get creative with DIY projects

    Nothing excites kids more than doing a new project. So get them involved in pushing through with that DIY you’ve been meaning to do. Who knows? Maybe you will end up doing more than one.

Camp indoors


   Bring out the tents and have an adventure right in your living room! Make it more legit by preparing s’mores in the kitchen. As for the activities, why don’t you try teaching your kids survival skills? You’ll never know when they will come in handy.

Hold a reading session

    Flip through picture books with your tots, or read in silence with your older kids. This will enhance their vocabulary, and expand their creative horizons.

Raid the kitchen

    This weekend will be a great time for you to try out a new recipe. Let the kids help you look for ideas. Take them on a food adventure by preparing something they haven’t tried before. Just be cautious if they have allergies, though. And stock your kitchen up beforehand.