Baking Secrets for mom and me

Baking Secrets for mom and me

By Kristelle Bechayda

Baking is something that appeals to a lot of mothers. Aside from being able to creatively think in the kitchen, it also gives you more bonding moments with your kids. For families who are thinking of giving baking a try, RV Manabat shared tips during the launch of his recipe book More Baking Secrets. Here are some guidelines from the chef in his own words:

The Dos

First, you need to find a good reference so get a good cookbook and use it as your baking bible. Second, you need to be friends with your tools and equipment because your baking journey will rely on your kitchen. For beginners, it all starts with a good oven, a mixer, and a set of mixing bowls, and measuring cups. The rest will just follow. Third, you need a lot of patience because once you’ve started baking, there will be a lot of mistakes, taste testings and development. You will be wasting a lot of ingredients, but that’s part of it. Fourth, you have to be happy with what you are doing because baking is a practice of happiness. So when you are happy, you will eventually develop new products that will also make other people happy. Lastly, you have to bake with love because that’s the only secret ingredient. You will see in recipes that ingredients are basic. Techniques are straightforward, but the secret is you bake with love.

The Don’ts

First, I don’t bake when I’m mad or when I’m angry because it will promote a negative energy in the kitchen. Kahit hindi kapani-paniwala, it will affect the outcome of the product. Second, don’t do guess work. Baking is a science so hindi pwede na you’re just estimating when you’re cooking. Third, don’t tweak the recipe. You need to follow it exactly, especially the ingredients. Fourth, which is a follow-up to the third one, don’t improvise with using the tools and equipment.

On taking classes

It depends. Taking classes or attending workshops is more about getting ideas or inspiration. Reading a good cookbook or by watching YouTube videos, you will get the basic techniques. For example, the moist chocolate fudge cake in my recent recipe book is easy to make because it’s just combining all of the ingredients.

Try these hacks

One baking hack of mine is I use salted butter. The standard in baking is to use unsalted butter, but I use salted instead. The Filipino palette prefers malasa and malinamnam pastries since we are used to eating tasty food items. Using salted butter enhances the flavor of the product and I have been doing that since I started baking. Another would be to just mix by hand at the beginning of the baking process. Don’t rely on the mixer. For me, the most important tip in baking is to form a relationship between your body and the ingredients. Once that relationship has been established, everything will just follow smoothly.

More Baking Secrets is available at and at National Book Store. For more details on Chef RV Manabat, check him out on Facebook and Instagram at @chefrvmanabat.