Business tips from mom-and-daughter duo

Business tips from mom-and-daughter duo

By Kristelle Bechayda

Running a family business is not a walk in the park. A lot of hard work gets put into making it succeed and sometimes the lines get blurred when the family relationship is already affected. Here are some tips shared by Jenni and Aryanna Epperson, the mother-daughter tandem behind the online makeup brand Always Sunday, during stylefestph’s styletalk:

Think ahead

Have a vision for your brand. You can’t just be in the now. You also have to think about how you want your business to become so you will have a goal to work toward. You have to be organized with your business or else you are going to veer off. It also pays to have good time management skills. -Aryanna

Understand the roles

First of all, you have to accept that things are going to be dynamic when you are working with family. It can be a challenge because of the close relationship among members. But learning how to appreciate each one’s strengths and understanding their weaknesses is already half the battle won. -Jenni

Delve deep

You need to do your research. While the whole concept of your business is exciting you, each step has to be planned. When you prepare well for something, you can be more confident in executing it. Also, you will want to give the best to your customers so you have to do a lot of research and development. -Aryanna

Jenni and Aryanna Epperson

Work for it

Nothing gets done without putting in the work, may it be in business or family matters. You need to work hard and apply what you learn along the way. It also pays to work smart. You should know about your clients and be particular about the customer service because it will do you no good if your brand is great but your customer service is crappy. -Jenni

Be original

Have fun and be authentic. It’s easy to copy and take inspiration for others but it’s also important to brand your products or service based on your personality or style. Customers will always look for what’s familiar. But when they see something unique, it catches their eyes. -Aryanna

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