Camille Prats and her growing family

Camille Prats and her growing family

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Mom Camille Prats Yambao prepared a simple birthday celebration at home for her daughter Nala with a customized cake. “She likes it when you sing happy birthday to her. As in feel na feel when you sing to her. So even days before, we would sing to her and she loved it.”

The birthday girl

Mom and Babies asked Camille to describe Nala, and she didn’t hesitate to share that She is one happy child. “She giggles a lot. She’s also very lambing. She loves to play. She interacts with a lot of people. Her smile. Her giggle. It’s infectious. When she smiles at you, you can’t help but smile back.”

Camille also added that Nala is an easy child to bring along. Barely a year old, and they’ve traveled to three countries without a nanny. “I think that’s the best part about her. She’s easy to travel with, easy to take care of. She rarely cries. I hope she remains that way.”

Too good to be true

With Camille and her husband VJ having one boy each, it was a pleasant surprise to find out that they were having a baby girl. “Sobrang saya. I never imagined I would have my own baby girl. She’s exactly what I’d dream my baby girl would be and even more. Minsan, VJ and I would stare at her, when she’s sleeping. VJ and I would be in awe. We’re used to having boys.”

And those boys adore her. Kuya Nathan likes to play and tickle, while Nala likes having Kuya Ice (VJ’s son) carry her around. VJ takes the opportunity to take care of Nala, while Camille goes to work, because “When I am there, wala na. Hindi nya na papansin sila. So whenever I’m not home, they make sure to spend time with her.”

Open communication

Raising three children who are going through different stages in their lives can be daunting. “We make it a point to always have constant communication with our children. We build good relationships with them. I believe when your children love you, they will be scared to do anything bad because they know it will hurt you. If they love you, they won’t do that. Ayaw nila ikaw ma hurt, and they will be more open to you.”

Camille Prat’s party planning tips

Preparation started about six months ago, and the first people Camille Prats booked were Nice Print for the photos, Juan Carlo for the catering, and Lou Hilario the magician. The next one was the event stylist Dianne Khu, and the event planner Suzette Villamater of Celebrations Unlimited.

She is also meticulous when it comes to decor. She wanted the place to have a touch of her own personality, and not just a theme that everyone is doing. “One thing that I liked about the event stylist is that she really thought of every corner of the venue. Yun lahat pinagisipan. Even the illustration girl on stage, she kind of made her look like Nala talaga.”

“I wanted it simple, and lots of lines and pastel colors. Soft and clean, minimal and classy, and fun for the kids.” These were the description shared by Camille Prats-Yambao on how she envisioned her daughter’s first birthday party. She wanted geometrics, and the event stylist suggested to incorporate the princess theme into it.

When asked what her favorite part of the party was, Camille says the princesses. “I enjoyed the songs. Actually, ako talaga pumili nyan. We had Moana, Belle, Elsa and Anna. Sila yun may sikat na songs, so I know the kids and the adults will enjoy it. I particularly chose the program, the games, princesses, eat, then show agad. I don’t want any lull. So that people can go home early. At the same time, wala syang dead air masyado.”

Photography by Kristelle Bechayda and Jessica Pag-iwayan.

Nala Camilla turns one

Camille Prats Yambao's little princess has just turned one almost a week ago. Here are some snippets from Nala Camilla's birthday party, with warm greetings from guests and cute boomerang shots of the Yambao family!Video by: Pictoglam Photobooth

Posted by MB Moms & Babies on Thursday, September 27, 2018