Dips kids will love

Dips kids will love

By Kristelle Bechayda

Have you ever encountered serving a meal that looks so bland you find it almost unappetizing? You might want to try making dips next time. As Choice of the Nation winner Edward Taponan points out, they add flavor to food. During Lady’s Choice grand cook off, he shares tips on making dips.

Dip of the nation

Mayonnaise is used as the main ingredient and whatever will be added to it will determine the dip’s flavor. Taponan wanted to incorporate all flavors so he made a lot of adjustments and taste testings before achieving the desired outcome.

“At first, I wanted to make something specifically for seafood so I can call it ocean dip,” Taponan reveals. “Then I thought it seemed limited, especially because seafood is expensive. So I decided to come up with a one-stop dip that can be used in any food.”

Chef Edward Taponan with his one-stop dip creation.

Taponan’s Thai chili honey dressing is composed of mayonnaise, garlic, fish sauce, lime juice, red curry paste, coriander or cilantro, and white pepper. His dip goes well with anything, even salad and cold pasta. “Dips are usually for fried or grilled food and it will be better if there’s one that can be used on bread, vegetable, chicken, and even seafood.” he adds.

Give it a try

Creating dips from scratch isn’t that hard. If you already have an ingredient or a flavor you wish to try out, that can serve as your guide.

As for serving food at children’s parties, Taponan shares that kids love them sweet. Their preferred dips usually go with finger foods like sliders and fried chicken lollipops.

“Kids don’t like herbs and spices in their dips,” he explains. “While new things generally excite them, you should still maintain that sweet taste if you want to whip up something new.”

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