Danica Sotto-Pingris’ daughter Caela turns 7

Danica Sotto-Pingris’ daughter Caela turns 7

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng

It was a fun afternoon as Caela celebrated her seventh birthday with a glow-in-the-dark-neon themed party. “Caela is into slime making, so we wanted something colorful,” explains her mom, Danica Sotto-Pingris.

“Planning was easy, because we already knew what we wanted,” Danica shares of her preparations for #Caelaglowsat7. “We both chose what Caela and her friends would like. Caela requested for some activities like slime making and face painting. She also wanted to dance. She and her friends rehearsed for several days.”


All of the birthday girl’s simple requests were granted. “The other details of the party was a surprise for her already,” adds Danica. The mom-of-two made sure everyone had a great time, with fun games for the kids, parents and even the yayas. They also rented inflatables and activity stations for all the guests to enjoy. To pump up the neon party atmosphere, they made sure there were glow-in-the-dark party details all around. “The slime making activity was a hit. The suppliers provided glow in the dark face paint and slimes. The cakes, party favors, and costumes were glowing in the black/UV light. We also got performers perfect for the theme of the party. We had a light show by Alab Poi Dancers, and Rafael Dela Cruz who had glow-in-the-dark paint. He painted the story of Caela’s favorite song on the spot.


All of these were for their little girl, Anielle Micaela, who turned 7. ”She’s sweet, outgoing and likes to sing and dance. My wish for Caela is that she will remember everything we taught her in life. I pray that she will get her security from God and use her talents to glorify Him and help others.”

Photos by Nice Print Photos