Halloween costume ideas for your kids

Halloween costume ideas for your kids

By Kristelle Bechayda

It’s Halloween season once again and we bet the kids are excited for some treat or trick activities. Have you already thought about what your tot will wear? If you are still looking for costume ideas, check out these super cute picks from celebrity parents and TV hosts for that needed inspiration.

Holly Thistle from Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom

Bianca Gonzales-Intal’s daughter Lucia wishes to be dressed as Holly from her favorite cartoon Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. Achieving this fairy look is simple- you will just need a plain pink dress, a toy wand, and those pair of fairy wings and your kid’s good to go! If want to follow the complete ensemble, you can just make Holly’s yellow crown out of a cartolina and have some bobby pins to hold it in place.

Red from the Angry Bird

Angry Bird characters never go out of style, they will always be a favorite among kids. Achieving this look is easy too, since there are Angry Bird costumes sold online.


Onesie costumes

Doesn’t baby Baz Go look adorable in a dragon onesie? His costume is similar to that of Primo’s and onesies look great for kids ages two years old and below. Not to mention, the tots will be comfortable in it. Just make sure that the costume’s material is cotton and won’t irritate your baby’s skin.

Nemo from Finding Nemo

Olivia Reyes was only a little over a year old when she wore this Nemo costume and it’s probably the cutest thing we have ever seen. If you want the same look for your kid, check out online to find similar Nemo and even Dory ensembles or opt for a custom made one fit for your child.


Who says scary is the only trend during Halloween? Bring a touch of uniqueness by dressing your kid up as someone from the outer space. Just whip up a metallic material and some hair accessories like a colored wig. If you want to take it up a notch, you can make planets out of recycled materials just like what Marian Rivera did for Zia’s costume.

Baby lobster

Admit it. Alyanna Martinez’s daughter Adalynn looks so adorable in her lobster-inspired costume. Apart from looking cute, these ensembles are perfect for babies as they can easily be put on over and taken off when your child gets uncomfortable.


Even dinosaurs are welcome to join in the Halloween fun! All eyes were on Ria Trillo’s son Xabi with this cool T-Rex costume.