Mom life made easier

Mom life made easier

By Paulyne Fermin

Some days I just feel like there are not enough hours to get everything done. The demands of work, keeping the household running and being a wife and mom take its toll. When a child gets sick or a helper quits—make that two in my case!—the juggling act becomes doubly difficult.

No matter how tough it gets, there are solutions available to make life a little bit easier. Here are some that helped me keep things in order and my sanity in check.

Dial A Help

Fact: It’s hard to find good maids nowadays. Moms must have a heavy duty washer and dryer so as not to be totally helpless when a maid leaves. For cleaning and ironing services, I call on Clean Zone PH. Their home officers are prompt, come in uniforms and do their jobs efficiently. They bring their own cleaning and ironing materials plus meals. Cleaning rates are based on the size of the home while ironing services are at Php150 per hour.  Call Manila -0925 3269663 Bacolod -0905 4386864

No rice, no baon for the kids, no time to cook – no problem.  HonestBee took care of my grocery needs when the little one got sick and the driver took an unplanned leave. The online concierge and delivery service gave me instant access to S&R and Robinsons Supermarket. Just download the app and with a few taps on your smartphone, you’ll get the goods at a time of your choice.  HonestBee has plenty of partner merchants which include restaurants, flowers, party needs, baby products—even pan de sal! I paid about P500 for the service for a P3,000 peso order.

Craving for seafood? Fishmongers Daily Catch (FDC) is Manila’s first home delivery service of quality fresh fish (lapu lapu, salmon, tuna, tanigue etc) and seafood (shrimps, mussels) straight from the sea to your doorstep. Cleaned, gutted, vacuum packed and ready to cook, FDC guarantees that the catch of the day will be delivered today. Now, they’ve added cooked seafood bags to go (We love the shrimps in lemon butter sauce!) which can be picked up or delivered. Call 09561321093 for FDC and 09664129378 for Sea to Table orders.

My kids loved Chef Carla Asence Bangay as instructor during last summer’s cooking classes.  Imagine their excitement when she came over to our house to cook dinner. Too tired to brave the traffic but wanting a special supper, I called on the award winning Chef. Carla Kusinera, as she is known to IG fans, served lechon kawali kare-kare, pan seared cream dory, roast chicken with vegetables, and for dessert we had mango yema cake. Delicious! She can also conduct cooking lessons for your helpers.  Rates: Php2,500 service fee, Php3,000 cooking class for three, ingredients for client’s account. Call 09175638785

Best Rest

Did you know that lack of sleep makes you forgetful, lethargic, emotionally distressed and, for some, mentally unstable? We all need a good rest after a busy day.  That’s why I choose to purchase quality mattresses because it’s an investment on my family’s health. Uratex recently launched TRILL which is essentially a bed-in-a-box—with wheels to boot! Lay the flippable mattress on the bed frame, open the plastic wrap and voila! Watch your new bed expand. How convenient is that? I love that it provides dual comfort: It’s firm on one side (gives orthopaedic support to the spine) and plush on the other. My son prefers firm, his younger sister the opposite. So it’s just a matter of flipping the bed when kuya goes off to college in a few years. The best part: free delivery, bed is anti-bacterial, anti-dustmite and if you’re not happy after a hundred days of use, you can get your money back.  Visit

So breathe, manage your day and sleep well. There’s always a solution to every concern.