Spooky treats to try this Halloween

Spooky treats to try this Halloween

Who says Halloween is only limited to trick or treating and wearing scary costumes? Give in to your sweet cravings and let the kids indulge in these deliciously spooky treats that are being served in some restaurants and cafes around the metro.

The Grid: Hannibal, Poison Apple, Bewitched, and 17-Layer Bloody Velvet Cake

These Halloween desserts at The Grid are a must-try! Inspired from horror and sci-fi films, they are intricately made that they actually look scary. The Hannibal is made up of chocolate crust and filling disguised as bloody brains; the Poison Apple is an actual apple covered in caramel mousse; Bewitched is a brownie topped with vanilla mousse and a witch’s hat with ube filling inside; and the seventeen layers of the Bloody Velvet Cake can speak for itself.

Tim Hortons: Double Choco-Creep Donut and Boonana Iced Capp Supreme

Tim Hortons customers will be in the mood to try their Halloween treats. The Double Choco-Creep Donut or the “spider donut” is filled with chocolatey goodness and is good to pair with their Boonana Iced Capp Supreme. These will be served in Tim Hortons branches until November 2.

Costa Coffee: Wicked Eye Frostino

Who knew coffee can look this scary too? This limited concoction by Costa Coffee is composed of activated charcoal with a hint of strawberry that gives off a murky, yet sweet and creamy taste. The Wicked Eye Frostino will be served in Costa Coffee branches until November 2.


Okada’s Lobby Lounge and Medley Buffet have something to offer for this Halloween too. Seasonal menu items are being offered until November 1 like the White with Banana and Caramel Ghost and the Pumpkin Cheesecake with Pandan and Mango Opera in the Lobby Lounge. Meanwhile, the Chocolate Mud Cake with Rainforest Worms and the Creepy Chocolate Mousse with Almond Fingers are being served in the Medley Buffet.

Krispy Kreme: Frozen Kreme Shakes and Halloween Doughnuts

You should also try out Krispy Kreme’s Frozen Shakes, which come in three flavors- Frozen Glazed Chocolate, Frozen Strawberry Sprinkles, and Frozen Vanilla Cake. Pair them with their Halloween doughnuts for more delight. Take your pick from these selections: The Ooze, The Scary Eye, The Black Cat, The Tombstone, The Pumpkin, The Owl, The Brain, The Orange Monster, and Halloween Sprinkles.