The Laudicos: Passing food passion to their kids

The Laudicos: Passing food passion to their kids

By Kristelle Bechayda

Renowned chefs and restaurant owners Rolando and Jacqueline Laudico share their own versions of famous Filipino cuisines in their new cookbook Chef Laudico Flips Out! Here are some things they dished out about their careers, of working together, and also getting their kids involved in their food adventures:

What inspired you to make your own cookbook?

Chef Jackie: We’ve always done Filipino cuisine, so we thought it was about time to reach out to a wider market and not just to people who have tasted our food. This is also our way of sharing our passion to those who have been supporting us from the start. We want to share with them the festive recipes we’ve worked on.

What do you relish the most about being a chef?

Chef Lau: Since I was a kid, I find that there is no greater feeling than making something out of nothing. I think that’s the reason why I became a chef. It feels good to make people feel happy and satisfied with your dishes. It makes you appreciate your hard work even more.

How do you pass to your kids the love for cooking?

Chef Jackie: We have done a lot of food festivals abroad that exposed them to other cuisines. We are adventurous and the kids have adapted that, too. They don’t just eat fried chicken or spaghetti because they are also open to other experiences. So I think it’s a matter of exposing them to it. When they see our passion or how happy we are, it just rubs off on them.

What is it like to be working together?

Chef Lau: There are advantages and disadvantages in working together all the time. An advantage would be we always see each other. Since our profession is labor intensive, we don’t leave the kitchen. If we’re not in the same line of work, we won’t see each other this often. The disadvantage, though, is that we sometimes disagree on certain things. Jackie is more detailed and calculating while I’m more on the artistic side. But if I look at it, we balance each other out. So I think that’s a good combination.

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