Taking swag to a different level

Taking swag to a different level

By Kristelle Bechayda

Last October 14, Japanese-inspired streetwear Swag Junior held its first meet-up event after noticing they are being tagged by fashionable kids wearing their clothes on Instagram. The event aimed to gather a community of these stylish kids and also create an avenue for them express their style. Here are some of the cute kids who rocked their #SwagGoals outfits during the event:

Sisters Fione and Megan, better known as @fab_fioneandmegan on Instagram, took swag to a different level with their cool poses.

A cool outfit, a casual pose, and that confident stare completed Gabbi Remisio’s swag persona.

Mark Jhoden Tecson’s smile is adorable as he did his signature swag pose in front of the camera.

It’s not a surprise why Quinn Clyne was chosen as one of the six winners to be featured in the brand’s online campaign. This little girl has got swag written all over her!

Swag is just one of the many looks kid blogger Ron Julienne Saniel (@glamyen) can fashionably pull off.

The bomber jacket completed Tom Adrias’ swag look.

Like Quinn, Xavier Red Novio was also selected as one of the winners. He matched his swag outfit with a cool hairstyle and sticker tattoos!