Andi Manzano’s baby shower is in the busiest maternity ward

Andi Manzano’s baby shower is in the busiest maternity ward

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng

“I visited Fabella Hospital last week (they say it’s the Ground Zero for mothers giving birth in the Philippines — the busiest maternity ward in the country). When you enter the place, it’s 3-4 moms per bed with their newborn babies. Hundreds of moms give birth there a day and you’ll notice that every ten minutes, there’s a new mother coming in with a newborn baby,” radio personality Andi Manzano shares in her Instagram post.

She chose to celebrate her very first baby shower, in partnership with Pampers, in Dr. Fabella Hospital. Located in Sta. Cruz Manila, it is considered as the National Maternity Hospital. Thousands of mothers from all over the country seek refuge here because of its affordable and reliable health care.

It was an afternoon well spent with new moms and personal conversations that focused on caring for their babies. Now pregnant with their second daughter, she wants to share to these new moms what she learned along the way. After all, we all want the best for our children. “I wanted to share my newborn care essentials with the hundreds of new mothers here at Fabella – starting with the best diaper they can use,” shares Andi. “There’s really nothing quite like Pampers to keep babies comfortable and dry.” The afternoon ended with special gift packs for the new moms and boxes of diapers for the hospital.

Her husband GP Reyes posted, “How lucky am I to be blessed with a wife who is so beautiful not just on the outside, but on the inside as well. For her first baby shower, she went to the newborn ward of Fabella Hospital. And actually sat down and talked to the new mothers with their day/s old babies. It truly melted her heart to see these young women, sometimes four to a bed recovering from childbirth, there were even girls as young as 14 who just gave birth! Andi gave them baby starter bags with mittens and newborn diapers. These occasions truly make you realized how blessed you are. And that even in a little way, we can all make a difference.”