Six reasons to visit this family-oriented restaurant

Six reasons to visit this family-oriented restaurant

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Choosing a place to have a meal is always a daunting task. Making sure everyone enjoys is an even hard feat to achieve. Moms & Babies interviews father-of-two Ian Palabyab, Marketing Manager why you can bring the whole family to Dohtonbori Philippines:

1. Food is served warm and fresh.

“We encourage families to bond over cooking or having the food cooked in front of them. For us family bonding in our shops is important.”

2. Kids rule

“We love children! When they come over, they are given coloring materials, or if allowed by the parents taught how to cook some food on the Teppan Grill.”

3. Experience different Japanese vibes.

“Each Dohtonbori outlet has a different feel. Our shop in 8 Missouri has the post Dagashiya which is like a mini mart war era feel. The one in UP Town Center (in Katipunan) has the streets of Japan, Megamall is patterned after the docks of Japan and MOA is Fushimi inari is like being in the temples of Japan that leads to a Golden room. Our Fairview and North Edsa branches are similar to our MOA shop.”

4. Spot the sleeping cat

“Each one also has a ‘sleeping cat’ that serves as the house pet of Dohtonbori Philippines.”

5. Get to meet Tanuki

“Fun fact about our personality Tanuki. Tanuki is a happy raccoon who loves to eat and drink sake (He carries his bottle of sake all the time)! When he has a happy belly, he shouts ponpokopon!”

6. Avail of their eat-all-you-can promo

“Eat all you can okonomiyaki and yakiniku for only ₱699+! Kids get a special discount of P299+. Promo Duration is from November 15, 2018 to January 31, 2019.

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