Isabel Oli-Prats on surviving a difficult pregnancy

Isabel Oli-Prats on surviving a difficult pregnancy

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng | Photos by Nice Print Photo

“I was on bed rest for about 6 months. May blood surrounding the baby.” reveals Isabel Oli-Prats. This second-time pregnant mom didn’t think she’d be required to rest for this long. “Actually, my first pregnancy, nag bed rest rin ako, but for two weeks lang. Because there was blood also, but hindi ganito.”

The supportive family

In these crucial six months, her husband John Prats has been her hero. “John kasi, in everything, he’s really supportive sa akin. Subscribe lahat sa Amazon and Netflix (for her to binge watch and surf online). He also called my mom kasi kailangan talaga ng assistance, aside from the helpers, because he’s busy working na rin. When he’s here (at home), tambay siya sa tabi ko. Pag nag rest ako, nag iPad sya or nag chill din sya. He’s very supportive talaga. Sanay kami na we go out on dates. I know it was a big adjustment for him,” shares Isabel.

Isabel with daughter Feather are both excited to meet the newest member of the family.

Their daughter Feather, who was barely two years old when this happened, was empathic to the challenging situation. “Feather is so active and playful. God is good talaga. Feather’s routine is to go down and play. Nag-adjust siya, kasi walang kaya magpakain sa kanya except me.” They brought everything up to their bedroom, along with the highchair and a few toys. She even washed and sterilized the baby bottles.  

“For some reason, she (Feather) didn’t want to go down. She stays here (in the room) so parang mas favor on my part kasi nakikita ko siya. Hindi yun nasa baba siya, and helpless ka kasi you only check the CCTV. Kaya siguro napadali lang din yun bed rest ko, kasi nag cooperate rin sya. Madikit siya sa akin,” explains Isabel.

Let’s meet, real soon!

#WeAreThePratties family is more than ready to welcome Daniel Freedom Prats. They named him after John Prat’s father Daniel, and he got teary eyed during the gender reveal a few months back. Freedom is the very first grandson to bear the Prats surname, and he will be named after the patriarch—such a sweet gesture.

Isabel Oli’s checklist for second-time pregnant moms:

At 39 weeks, Isabel is all set and reveals how she is preparing for the arrival of their son Freedom:

1. Get siblings excited.

Isabel and John would remind Feather on a regular basis that she will soon have a baby brother and his name is Freedom. Isabel fondly shares that Feather would greet her tummy with “Good morning, Freedom. I love you.” and kiss her belly good night before sleeping.

2. Stock up on mommy and baby products.

When asked about preparing for Freedom’s arrival, “Ang tagal ko nag prep, that’s my favorite part. Thankful ako since ang daming blessings.” Since she was advised by her doctor to stay home and rest, Moms & Babies and Baby Company paid her a quick visit to deliver gifts for her and Freedom. “Baby Company gave a lot of things na kailangan ni Freedom, kaya it made my preparation very easy,” Isabel says giddily.

The blooming pregnant Isabel can’t wait to meet their son.

3. Review and research.

She went online to watch videos on YouTube. “Yung pagpaligo ng baby. I also checked our video ni Feather before, kasi may video si John. Nag review ako haha… Kasi two years ago lang, but bakit nakalimutan ko na? Research about everything uli.”

4. Know when to ask for help.

The couple is very hands on with Feather, and they hope to do the same when she gives birth to Freedom. She booked a night nurse from aide app who will go to their house from 9PM to 9AM. “John has taping everyday now, that’s why I would need an assistant in our room.”

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