Joel Cruz celebrates 3rd birthday of Prince Harry and Prince Harvey

Joel Cruz celebrates 3rd birthday of Prince Harry and Prince Harvey

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Twin brothers, Prince Harry and Prince Harvey, celebrated their third birthday with Spiderman-themed party in Dusit Hotel. They are the second set of surrogate twins of “Lord of the Scents” Joel Cruz.

Always a trademark at his children’s birthday parties, Joel Cruz entered the party venue with all of his seven children in tow: eldest twins Prince Sean and Princess Synne (6 years old); twin birthday boys Prince Harry and Prince Harvey (3 years old), third set of twins Charles and Charlotte (1 year old), and his youngest son Zeid at 5 months old. As of this writing, he welcomed his 8th child, who was born last November 6 in St. Petersburg, Russia. This makes him a father to 8 surrogate children. All done via In Vitro Fertilization in Russia.

Intricate face painting and hair styling/grooming for the kids were stationed, as well as arts and crafts area for the kids to explore and enjoy. Dance numbers and magic shows were part of the program that kept the kids glued to their seats.

In an exclusive interview, Moms and Babies asked Joel about being a father to eight adorable kids, Joel Cruz reveals his wish for “I always hope and pray that my children will grow as God-fearing individuals. I want them to study well and value education. When they grow up and if they choose to follow my footsteps in managing Aficionado and the charity works I have been doing, I would be more than glad to support and guide them. If their career choices would be different like showbiz or another, I will support them with their choices.”