Kristine Hermosa-Sotto shares how to take care of sick kids

Kristine Hermosa-Sotto shares how to take care of sick kids

By Kristelle Bechayda

Being a parent is hard enough as it is and when your kids get sick or get out hand without you knowing what to do, things get even more challenging. Celebrity mom Kristine Hermosa-Sotto has the same sentiments now that she is a mom of four.

She shares how she deals with these difficult situations during the recent Kool Fever event where she and youngest child Vin were launched as the new ambassadors.

Know what to do

According to Kristine, parents need to have the right tools when their kids get sick, as they don’t always need to go to the doctor. Aside from using Kool Fever, the actress also counts on paracetamol and essential oils when her children have fever. When none of those works, only then will she take them to the hospital.

She shares an alarming experience when her daughter Ondrea’s temperature reached beyond thirty nine degrees Celsius. “Na alarm talaga ako so dinala ko na siya sa ospital pero ‘yun pala virus lang. Thank God, virus lang!”

Apart from that, she also experienced her children getting sick at the same time. Kristine dealt with this by staying calm. “Kasi pag nagpanic ka, masisira ang diskarte mo. So you have to relax, pray na God will give you wisdom and then do what’s necessary.” she reasons.

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