This commercial video shows sweet bonding moments among mothers and children

Jollibee’s new commercial video surely tugs at the heartstrings of every Filipino. Presenting simple bonding moments between parents and their children, it shows slices of daily life that many Filipino parents can relate to like playing with their children, snacking with them, bathing them, and tucking them to bed at night.

Also present in those sweet-sarap moments is something that has been a classic favorite among Filipino families for generations- the Jolly Spaghetti.

“The latest Jolly Spaghetti video is our tribute to Filipino parents who tirelessly find ways to connect and bond with their children, even in the smallest ways like sharing their favorite sweet-sarap treat,” says Cathleen Capati, Jollibee AVP for Marketing – Flagship Category. “Childhood always goes by so fast and for parents, it’s important to enjoy and cherish every moment with our children.”

The Jolly Spaghetti has been a favorite among Filipino families for decades.

With its sweet sauce, meaty hotdog slices, and grated cheese on top of the pasta noodles, the Jolly Spaghetti captures the Filipino palate and has always been a favorite among Filipino kids for decades.

“We at Jollibee hope that this video inspires parents to make even the simplest day-to-day activities, such as enjoying a common favorite like Jolly Spaghetti, a means to connect with their kids for that bonding na walang kasing-sarap,” ends Capati.

The Jolly Spaghetti Family Pan is available at Jollibee branches nationwide at P199 for dine-in, take-out, drive-thru, and delivery transactions.



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