Who designs the Christmas trees of Vicki and Scarlet Belo?

Who designs the Christmas trees of Vicki and Scarlet Belo?

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Scarlet Snow’s Christmas tree is every little girl’s dream. It’s filled with sorbet-colored cotton candy served in gold cones, highlighted with big unicorns with golden horns. It’s a dreamy sight to behold.

Who’s the man behind it? We got in touch with Stephen Brown of Glitterville, who flew to Manila last month to work on this project. Back story: Brown just finished working on Oprah Winfrey’s magazine cover shoot for its December issue, and flew right away to Manila to set-up Scarlet’s magical tinsel tree.

How many years have you been doing this?

I started Glitterville in 2003 but have been crafting my entire life!

When and how did you start working with Dr. Belo?

I actually met Dr. Belo after becoming friends with Cristalle on Instagram. I spent a lot of time in Manila, so we decided to meet and we hit it off immediately. I’ve worked with a lot of celebrities and there is no one more down to earth, caring and kind than Vicki Belo. That’s actually true of all the Belos! At this point we’ve spent so much time together, they are our Filipino family!

When did you start planning?
Glitterville development starts a year in advance, then as the year progresses we settle on a theme based on what we think Scarlet will like. This year she was really loving unicorns and sweets so the theme of the tree became “Scarlet’s Cotton Candy and unicorn dreams tree!”

Where do you source your decor?
Everything used on the tree is made by my company Glitterville.

How long did it take you to set it up?

It takes a few days start to finish. Only two of us decorate, myself and Bryan Crabtree, but there’s a team of artisans led by Pacita Brandenberger who create my designs.  

Is this your very first unicorn tree?

These unicorns were done especially for the Belos and currently, it is the only unicorn tree like this in the world.

What is your trademark design aesthetics and how did you infuse it this time with their tree?

My trademark is creating over the top colorful and whimsical creations.

Do you have other clients here?

Celebrity clientele wants things that are unique and one of a kind, so it’s my policy not to make myself and creations widely available to a large group. However, Vicki has gifted Glitterville trees to her friends such as Manny Pacquiao.