Why we are excited for IKEA

Why we are excited for IKEA

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng

The titos and titas are excited to find out that the biggest IKEA (pronounced “ee-kay-uh”) in the world is officially opening this Q4 of 2020. Located at the SM Mall of Asia complex, its exact location is the lot under construction, between SM Arena and SMX Convention.

But wait, there’s more! It will have two stories full of merchandise (over 9,000 products), with a total floor area is 65,000 square meters—that’s about the size of 150,000 basketball courts. Here are some more things you need to know about this brand that we’re all excited for:

Instant availability

“You can go to the IKEA store and you can take things home on the spot. That takes a little bit of a warehouse to say the least, or a lot of warehouses, and we have it right here in Manila, SM Mall of Asia.” — Christian Rojkaer, IKEA Southeast Asia Head


“The stalls will still have tons of inspiration. You can touch and feel, you can discuss the room settings, the sofas, and the home accessories. It’s still something very very special that I’m sure you’ll appreciate and like in our market.” — Christian Rojkaer, IKEA Southeast Asia Head

IKEA Southeast Asia Head Christian Rojkaer, SM Supermall VP Steven Tan, and future IKEA Philippines Store Manager Georg Platzer.

Well-designed products at affordable price points

“Just to give you an idea, it takes roughly two years from the idea of one product until it reaches the shop floor. So whenever you plan to shop in IKEA, you buy something- the beautiful design, form, function, and everything you get has a value already of a minimum two years.” — Georg Platzer, Future IKEA Phil. Store Manager

And while we wait for 2020 to arrive, let’s prep for their arrival by stalking the local website. “You will see why we think we have something very special for the Philippines and for Manila coming up.” reveals Rojkaer.