Nicole Hernandez de los Angeles’ potluck ideas

Nicole Hernandez de los Angeles’ potluck ideas

Still at a loss on what potluck dishes to bring for this holiday season? Former model Nicole Hernandez de los Angeles shares these easy-to-make dishes that won’t take much of your time to prepare.

1. Cheese plate

Definitely the easiest thing that doesn’t involve cooking would be a cheese plate. That’s very easy because you can assemble it yourself or have somebody assemble it for you.

2. Desserts

Next one would be a dessert. You can probably bring something festive like a rum cake or food for the gods.

3. Roast beef

Another one would be what reminds me of Christmas, like a roast beef that you can bring and share with your friends.

4. Wine

Of course, a bottle of wine would be excellent to pair, and maybe a festive salad or something that has coleslaw, a little pasta or some cranberry so it looks a little festive and Christmas-like.