Exclusive: Chesca Garcia-Kramer’s party planning tips

Exclusive: Chesca Garcia-Kramer’s party planning tips

Our feed was filled with posts on Scarlett Kramer’s 7th birthday celebration. Everyone had a great time, thanks to mom Cheska Garcia-Kramer. So we asked her for a few party planning tips:

1. Know your budget. If you think that your going beyond what you can spend, then don’t do it. Because your children will love whatever it is you will give to them. It doesn’t have to be too big or extravagant. Better know your budget, and if you can do DIY, it’s also good. For us, the 7th birthday is a big deal, but a lot of our parties are done at home. We really prepared for this seventh party.

2. Make a list of your suppliers and be honest with them. If you have a budget, it would be nice to be honest and inform your suppliers that this is just my budget. Is it workable for them? Because that’s what I did. I’m also honest right from the start.

3. Get a party coordinator. Tell him/her about your budget concerns, so you also don’t get surprised in the end.

4. Have fun and enjoy.