Look: Scarlett’s 7th birthday party details

Look: Scarlett’s 7th birthday party details

Photos taken by Nice Print Photography

Scarlett Kramer’s winter wonderland celebration for her 7th birthday lives up to its theme. If you’re planning to throw a similar party for your daughter, check out the list of party suppliers that made Scarlett’s birthday a success.


“Our invitation is a storybook that Kendra wrote for her sister. The title is Crimson’s Adventure with Kendra talking about her mama, papa, her brother, and her sister. In the beginning, we didn’t really wanna do invites, but when High Caliber presented the idea of having an invite that was written by Kendra about Scarlett, I said ‘Oh, okay. That’s worth taking the time and doing,’ because it’s original. It’s not like something that will be thrown away, because it really looks like a book. It’s super nice when you see it. At the back, there’s a piece of paper and stickers of the characters. You can make your own story on the characters.”

Invitation by High Caliber (@highcalibertrading).


Scarlett’s baby pink gown looked dainty with lace and flower beads adorning it. Bumblebee and Company also included the built-in lights and the red cloak to match the theme!

Gown by Bumblebee and Company


The multiple-layered cake by Bethany Dream Cakes was adorned with white icing and snowflake designs to match the theme.

Cake by Bethany Dream Cakes.

Program entertainment

Clowning Around provided the celebrant and her guests with performance from Christmas characters.

Program entertainment by Clowning Around.

Set design

The party’s dreamy set design was made possible through the services of suppliers like C&L Decor (lights and glass domes), Shop Rent Gala (chandeliers), and Glam Lane Events (carpets).

Play area

Aside from the main ballroom, there was also a separate play area for the kids to enjoy with a variety of activities to choose from like the make-your-own dough and slime from Color Play Happythe necklace-making hosted by Regina Amil, and the painting stall from the Sip & Gogh, which was a favorite by the kids.

The painting stall from Sip & Gogh was a hit.

What do you like the most about the party? If you’re on a budget, check out Chesca Garcia-Kramer’s party planning tips in the article below.