Pregnancy notes from LJ Reyes

Pregnancy notes from LJ Reyes

LJ Reyes is pregnant with her second child, and she’s having a baby girl. “Each pregnancy is different. I never really focused on this before since I only had one. Now that I’m anticipating baby no.2’s arrival, I can’t help but ponder on it.” she shares. Read below to find out how different her two pregnancies are.


With Aki: I was 22.

With Summer: I am 30.

Morning sickness:

With Aki: I had morning sickness until early 4 months, all throughout the day. (At walang pinapalampas na pagkain, lahat suka!)

With Summer: I’m still having morning sickness until now. It’s not as often but it still comes and goes, with the strongest at night. I’m on my 8th month!


With Aki: Mobile! To the point I was still dancing and working until the 5th month. I did yoga from 6th month until before giving birth!

With Summer: The hip pain started early. (I hope it’s not age😂😅) I have low lying placenta and I’m not allowed to workout!

Baby’s movement:

With Aki: He likes long stretches in my tummy, kicking my ribs and lungs!

With Summer: I think she likes riding bicycles! Her kicks feel like pedaling. Oh, the scraping inside my tummy! Yes, scraping right where her feet are! It’s the best action word to describe it!

But at the end of the day, no matter how much discomfort I feel, how painful pregnancy symptoms could be, I will always choose to go through it if it would mean I would bear little angels in my tummy. Motherhood is the best thing that ever happened to me. My kids are the best blessings I can ever have! My heart is so full! Thank you, Father God!