Scarlett Kramer’s 7th birthday is a winter wonderland

Scarlett Kramer’s 7th birthday is a winter wonderland

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng
Photos by Nice Print Photography

“Scarlett’s birthday seemed like a month-long celebration, because prior to that, we watched the Icon concert since she really likes one of the singers. So, she got to meet him as well. Then, we went to Boracay and Amanpulo after,” shares mom Chesca Kramer.

Simple girl

As soon as they got back from their beach trips, the Kramer family went straight to the party preparations for Scarlett’s 7th birthday. Born November 28, Scarlett Louvelle celebrated with her family and friends last December 2 with a winter wonderland theme. “Scarlett is actually a very simple girl. She’s basically a T-shirt, leggings, rubber shoes kind of girl. She doesn’t like much of the frills and anything that’s overboard. She’s also sweet, but you can’t overly hug her, because you have to wait when she wants to. But when she hugs you, she hugs you like you’re everything to her,” Chesca on Scarlett.

  • The Kramer family on stage.

The party plannings started as early as two years ago, and Chesca consulted with the birthday girl regarding the theme. “Scarlett is not very picky. She’s just really looking forward to celebrating her 7th birthday because it’s very momentous for a girl. That’s the time their papa gives them their promise rings.”

Fun for guests of all ages

The venue was split into two, with the first half packed with children’s activities. “There was necklace making, slime and dough making. We also had a soap carving area and painting area, too!” Chesca was delighted that parents had a relaxing time at the party where they can leave the kids to play in the activity area without worrying.

  • Scarlett with Anne Curtis.

All the guests got to bring home a lot of gifts from the family’s sponsors. They wanted to create a Christmas vibe with holiday music playing, and festive food being served. Most of all, they reminded everyone what Christmas is all about: “The real reason for the season, why we are able to enjoy what we have now is because Jesus Christ sacrificed his life because of us.”

All grown-up

When asked on how she feels that her daughters are already growing up, Chesca finds it bittersweet.

When asked how it feels like to have two daughters who are over 7 years old, “It’s bittersweet, because we want them to be young and stay as babies but at the same time we enjoy talking to them. We are able to enjoy talking to them and have conversations with them. I always tell my children to enjoy. You don’t have to rush growing up because when you are all grown-up, we can’t go back to being a kid anymore. So while you’re still young, enjoy playing with your toys, enjoy being a kid. You will have the time to grow up, but you will only be a kid once,” says Chesca.