Rima Ostwani Najjar’s daughter turns two

Rima Ostwani Najjar’s daughter turns two

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng | Photos by Nice Print Photography

“The celebration was very simple with family and a few friends. Adriana loves to play and she is very adventurous so I planned an afternoon at Adventure Zone, which is a fun indoor playground for kids. It has exciting slides too which Adriana really enjoyed. She also loves Moana and so I had a Moana birthday cake made for her. It made her so happy,” reveals mom Rima Ostwani Najjar on throwing a 2nd birthday party for her daughter Adriana Carolina.

Born on January 8, it has been two years since Rima gave birth to Adriana. The pretty mom of two shares that it has been very easy with her daughter. “This little girl made me a mommy and being a parent to her has been the most amazing and fulfilling role I have ever had. She is starting to slowly understand and she is very receptive to learning. This stage is so much fun and I am enjoying every bit of her being this little before the more challenging years come.”

Adriana loves her Moana-themed birthday cake.

Mom Rima Ostwani Najjar shares these interesting notes about her firstborn:

  1. She is so sweet. She would randomly kiss you or hug you.
  2. When you are more than two people and one of you asks for a kiss, she will kiss you and kiss all the others too. She’s fair like that!
  3. She loves to sing and dance and watching her is too entertaining.
  4. I can dress her up the way I want and she would always be happy with her outfit.
  5. She is extremely friendly. She goes up to random kids and plays with them. She loves being around children or people her size.
  6.  She is talkative and has her own language for now. I love listening to her monologues.
  7. Her smile, laughs and giggles are contagious.
  8. She’s very appreciative. When she receives any gift, she would always say “wow,” no matter what it is.
  9. She loves her baby brother and looks for him when she wakes up.
  10. She is adventurous, fearless and enjoys the outdoors.