7 things about 7-year-old Talia Concio

7 things about 7-year-old Talia Concio

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Barely a week has passed since Maria Talia L. Concio of the @conciosisters turned 7 years old. Mommy Carla shares these 7 interesting trivia about this little lady:

1. She doesn’t eat pork and beef because according to her they have feelings.

2. She started to show her love for dancing when she was only 3.

3. She composes her own songs.

4. She’s a lolo’s girl.

5. She loves talking to herself and pretends she’s a different character.

6. She loves Italian food. Her favorite is pesto.

7. She thinks that the chicks inside the balut are still alive so don’t show her you are eating them. She will be upset.

Francis and Carla Concio have three children: Julia (8), Talia (7), and Basti (1). The three kids are the grandchildren of Charo Santos-Concio.