A single mom’s leap of faith

A single mom’s leap of faith

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Tiffany Tuazon was living the life as an employee stationed in a premium international hotel chain in Boracay. She gave it all up for her only daughter Zofia, who is now 7 years old. “I was pregnant with my daughter and started researching about baby products. I found Baby K’tan Baby Carrier and started importation and distribution. I added brands and decided to put up a store. One thing led to another and we now have three branches housing more than 120 brands,” reveals Tuazon.

The 30-year-old mompreneur started out with the baby carrier, and added brands like Baby Leaf, Belly Bandit and La Vie Lactation Massager to her list of exclusive distribution, under Babydragon Trading. She is also the proud retail store owner of The Nest Attachment Parenting Hub. All of these were built in just seven years time. How did she do it? Read on and be inspired by her story:

Why shift professions?

I have to provide for my daughter since I’m a single mom. I wanted to give her a good life and a good education. I took the opportunity when I was given the chance by Baby K’tan company in Florida to be their official distributor in the Philippines. I saw the growth potential of baby products and took that leap.

How is your day like?

Every week day, I would take my daughter to school and run errands (grocery, banking, collection, store visits). Sometimes I would go to the office or stay at home and work. I can basically work anywhere as long as I have internet. I would have meetings with potential brand partners or attend events related to my business. I pick up my daughter from school in the afternoon, have merienda, go home to prepare dinner, tutor my daughter, and put her sleep. I end the day by logging on to Netflix with my wine and cheese. On weekends, when we’re not attending children’s parties, we would go out of town on off-road adventures, go camping or spend time at my parents’ beach house in Bataan.

The Nest Parenting Attachment Hub houses over 120 brands.

How is it like balancing motherhood and work?

I have learned how to delegate certain jobs that could be performed by trained staff and people who can focus on certain aspects of the business. I have my operations team who manages all the online orders, retail associates and branch managers taking care of the everyday clients who visit our stores, and a marketing and tech team who coordinates all our marketing efforts. With all these, the business runs smoothly. Instead of burying myself in everyday operations, I allocate my time into solving problems or working on improvements and expansion. I also get to spend majority of my days with my daughter, spending time with her and my family. It’s the perfect set-up.

What do you like doing with your daughter?

We love travelling and exploring nature. We often participate in outreach programs or help out when there are calamities in the country. We love going on adventures together and spending time with family. It’s hard to specify just one memorable moment but I would say I like being able to consistently give her my time and give her experiences to enrich her outlook about the world. Also, by showing her what I do with the business, involving her in certain problems and giving her the chance to help me solve them, learning the word of God together and living in the ways of the Lord are the moments that I feel really proud as a parent.

Mom-daughter bonding for Tiffany and Zofia.

What’s the best part of being a mom?

Being a mom is a big responsibility. Being a single mom brings in the pressure even more. I like that parenting is really simple in a way that if you want to raise good kids you just really have to show them how you live your life, how you treat people, how you handle challenges, how you praise the Lord in all you do and they will just go and model themselves after you. One time, when my daughter and I were watching a show in Singapore Zoo, she confidently stood up on the benches, held her hand up high and shouted “Me Me Me!” She was picked as a volunteer to go up on stage and feed a special guest, it was a huge baby bear. I was fairly surprised that she had it in her to be that bold. But then again, I guess she got that from me. She came back to me and said, “This is the best day of my life, mommy!” I was so happy. I am always looking for new experiences to enrich her, and she would always say that it’s the best day of her life. I’m just glad that her best days are just piling up on top of the other.

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