Five tips on shopping for first-time moms

Five tips on shopping for first-time moms

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng

With so many mommy-and-me products available out there, one can definitely get overwhelmed. Tiffany Tuazon of The Nest Parenting Attachment has her fair share of daily customer inquiries on what to buy and how to figure out which products one really needs. Here, she shares her top five tips:

1. Make a personal checklist.

Not all checklists available in the Internet is applicable to every family. Make sure your list is personalized based on you and your partner’s lifestyle and parenting preferences. List down the brands you prefer through research and stay within the budget by prioritizing items that you cannot compromise on brand and quality. For example, you can’t skimp on a good car seat but you can opt for a simpler more inexpensive bathtub.

2. Be practical.

Don’t be shy to register your baby’s needs through a gift registry. We have one online where you can easily add items in your registry and send the link to loved ones. Your friends and family are bound to give you something and they are clueless as to what you might need or already have. So having a gift registry is a smart way to make sure you won’t receive items you already have or don’t actually need. It also feels good for the people to know that they are giving you something that you will definitely use. Even love ones from abroad can send you their gifts ,too!

3. Take care of yourself, too!

When you’re expecting or when you have babies, it is very common to focus on the baby’s needs more than your own. But don’t forget, parents also need some things too to make the parenting journey easier and more manageable. Moms definitely need good maternity support bands and post pregnancy shapewear after giving birth. A great diaper bag can also go a long way in terms of keeping yourself sane when going out with baby. Easy to use and dependable cleaning and sterilizing tools are also a great way to give you peace of mind. Happy parents make for happy babies.

4. Shop after the baby shower.

Another very simple tip that people don’t usually follow. Don’t shop much until after all your baby showers. You might receive the same items you bought as gifts, so best to wait until after the party.

5. Shop according to your current needs.

When you are shopping for deals, make sure you really need the items. We know that there are times when it’s difficult to resist, but you must restrain. Don’t go hoarding on sale diapers only to find out your baby will soon outgrow that size that you still have so much of. Or when you are so excited about baby’s first solid food and you go and buy and the best baby spoon in the market because they are on sale. I always tell my clients, do you need it now? Or can you try one first and see if you like it? Shopping should be done according to baby’s age and stage.