GP Reyes shares how Andi and Oli changed his life

GP Reyes shares how Andi and Oli changed his life

By Kristelle Bechayda

As radio host Andi Manzano-Reyes counts down to the hour she gives birth to Baby A, husband GP Reyes can’t help but compare what his life was before their marriage. On a Facebook post in his personal account, the businessman and soon-to-be father of two expressed how the women in his life have made everything “awesome.”

GP started his post by sharing how he became a father late in life. Now at 44, the businessman had Olivia when he was already in his forties. He even said it was like catching up twenty years later to his peers who started having families when they were in their twenties. Though staying single in the advertising and clubbing industry might have seemed ideal back then, GP admitted outgrowing his bachelor years when he wanted to find more meaning in life.

“Sweeping me off my feet and rescuing me from the carnalnage (yes, I just merged two words), ironically, would be two beautiful ladies in rapid succession.” GP wrote of his wife Andi and their firstborn Olivia.

“Andi is by far the most amazing woman I’ve ever known (apart from my own mother and mother-in-law, of course) and my firstborn daughter Olivia is like a beacon of light, love and all things adorable. My life has been absolutely awesome ever since.”

Andi and GP tied the knot back in November, 2013. Now, after six years of marriage and an adorable three-year-old daughter, they are about to welcome another baby girl into their family.

“I feel a little like I’m on a stakeout, eagerly awaiting the arrival of my second daughter, who could be born anytime now actually.” GP shared. “At 44, I’m an old dada. But just like the last two women in my life, this addition to the trifecta of Manzano-Reyes females in the brood will, without a doubt, triplify (yes I made up a word again) the awesome level in the universe!”