Home feast for the family

Home feast for the family

By Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Here’s something to add to your bucket list for 2019: learning how to cook like a chef! Dusit Hospitality Management College (DHMC) has partnered with Institut Paul Bocuse. Chef Bocuse is considered as one of the chefs of the century with three Michelin stars for 50 years. They held their very first Professional Advancement Centre Courses recently with chefs, home cooks and foodies learning from the master.

Aptly called “Chef’s Table: Signature Dishes of Chef Sébastien Charretier,” this one-day class had the students preparing a 3-course gourmet meal. It’s a great way to up your cooking skills, and will definitely make a great impression when served at home. This includes (1) L’Oeuf Parfait en Cappuccino de Champignons or Perfect Egg with Mushroom Cappuccino; (2) Pigeon en Croûte Inspiration de Mr. Paul Bocuse, Sauce Salmis, Purée Lisse de Panais which is inspired Recipe of Mr. Paul Bocuse “Pigeon en Croûte” Salmis Sauce and Mash Parsnip, and (3) Chou Croquant Praline Cocktail or Crispy Praline Choux Paste.

“This is different from other hotel cooking classes I attended, because it was really hands-on, learning by doing each technique by ourselves. I went from never having cleaned a chicken to deboning and filleting a pigeon on my own, with amazing guidance from patient master chefs,” explains Ayessa Bautista of undiplomaticwife.com, who also attended the classes.

Though these courses by Dusit Hospitality Management College (DHMC) are made for hoteliers and restaurateurs, regular homemakers can also benefit from them. Afterall, parents can be included in the hospitality category since we are all hosts at home.

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